Posted on: December 16, 2008 6:36 pm
Edited on: December 16, 2008 7:18 pm

Recent Mariners trade-Putz to Mets

Many people are saying this will go down as one of the Mariners biggest trades in history, thank you Zduriencik. The Mariners reached seven players in this deal, those players where Franklin Gutierrez 25,and Endy Chavez 30, two of the leagues best defensive outfielders and to top it off we picked up a righty Aaron Heilman(wanted out of New York) and a lefty Jason Vargas, and three minor-league prospects. let me tell why this will be one of the biggest trades in Mariners history.

  1. This trade changed the whole club around to become a defense first team.
  2. They picked up two solid, above average outfielders. One with some wheels and the other with the bat.
  3. The Mariners picked up a solid starter in Heilman and a reliever in Vargas.
  4. The outfield for the Mariners is going to impossible for a hit to drop in there now, lets jsut see how the bats do though.
  5. This trade tells you that Zduriencik is here to stay and he isnt messing around he wants a World series ring.

This is the start of the Zduriencik era in Seattle, its time for change there and this was the right guy to start with he knows how to build a baseball club from the bottom to the top. Zduriencik's plan is to build from the minors so in the upcoming years we will have the perfect mix of experience and youth out there and when that happens watch out.


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